Name change in works for 10 blocks of Yaupon Drive

Name change in works for 10 blocks of Yaupon Drive

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - People living along part of Yaupon Drive want to see the street name changed to South Beach Drive from 19th to 29th avenues south.

"Most of the residents are very much for it because the reputation in the past of the Yaupon corridor and there's still some of that in the northern part, but for the last three years, we've been pretty good at keeping aware of what's going on," David Moore said.

When David and Martha Moore first moved to Yaupon Drive six years ago, they didn't know about the street's reputation.

"A lot of foot traffic," David Moore said. "A lot of loitering."

They said they've watched crime disappear from their area of Yaupon Drive over the last three years.

"We had some theft in the past. A lot of folks along this street had," Moore said. "That pretty much has come to an end I think."

Myrtle Beach Police Lt. Joey Crosby said the community has one of the best neighborhood watch programs in the city.

"People were being more aware of what was going on around them and calling into police," Moore said.

Moore said the name change will help the area better identify with what they feel they already are. The neighborhood calls itself the South Beach Community.

"This 10-block area they're talking about changing the name would help with home values because, obviously, it wouldn't be attached to the stigma," he said.

Some people living along the southernmost portion of Yaupon said crime still happens there.

Carissa Reynolds,13, said she's witnessed things she shouldn't have for her age.

"I've seen I know maybe a thousand needles from living over here," she said. "I've seen prostitutes walking up and down, staying at our bus stop. They'll stay there in the morning. It's just been a lot."

She said she doesn't think changing the name will deter crime.

Moore said he doesn't think it will either, but he does think it better reflects the change that has already happened in the portion of Yaupon Drive where he lives.

A petition was already provided to the planning commission to change the name, said Mark Kruea, spokesperson for Myrtle Beach.

"It's nice to have a handy name for your neighborhood even if it's after the fact," Kruea said. "They'd like to change sort of the misperception they have about their section of Yaupon Drive."

The city has sent out a notice to people living in the area to let them know of the potential for a change, Kruea said.

He said the city first had to free up the name, "South Beach Drive," because it was claimed for a street in an official capacity, but was never used.

City council passed an ordinance to do that and Kruea said the renaming process is now in the final stages in the planning commission.

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