3rd Avenue South road construction project completed

3rd Avenue South road construction project completed

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - After nearly five years, the road construction project on 3rd Avenue South between Hwy 501 and N. Kings Hwy is complete. Businesses along the street are thrilled that traffic has already begun to lessen.

Walgreens, located on the corner of 3rd Avenue South and N. Kings Hwy, is especially happy that they no longer have to deal with construction overflowing onto their property.

Many different sections of the road were closed off at various times during the years to complete the construction. Since the road is a major connector between Hwy 501 and the beach, it already experienced a fair level of traffic, but with the added various lane closures, it was even worse.

For Walgreens Store Manager Rob Martin, the construction wasn't necessarily great for business.

"A lot of people who would come, didn't come. Almost three years ago they didn't come and they didn't come last year because construction wasn't finished," said Martin.

However, in the short amount of time that construction has been completed, Martin says he's already seen a huge turn around.

"As a matter of fact, the past week or so we can see the effects, sales are up, that's always a plus. This weekend is Easter weekend coming up, it should be much busier, a lot of traffic, and they won't have any problems entering the store," said Martin.

This particular Walgreens has a convenient drive-thru pharmacy; however, during the construction, it wasn't so convenient.

Martin says that a lot of his clientele are elderly people who particularly don't enjoy driving in traffic or high-stress situations, so he lost some customers over the years because of that.

In September of 2012, the project was originally budgeted at $10 million and expected to be completed much earlier, but experienced various delays and wasn't completed until April of 2017.

WMBF News has not heard back yet from SCDOT as to why those delays occurred, or at what cost they came at.

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