HCS Chairman Defeo responds to dispute over new school builder contracts

HCS Chairman Defeo responds to dispute over new school builder contracts

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Construction is underway for five new Horry County schools, but there's some dispute over the documents that detail how that construction is going.

The contract between the school district and First Floor Energy Positive states the company must provide contracts and documents for all the work that's completed, including sub-contractors hired by First Floor. Chairman Joe Defeo says the problem is that not all companies working on the schools are hired by the same people. "I do not understand why, in all the schools we've built, this has never been an issue before," said Defeo.

Horry County Chairman Joe Defeo says First Floor Energy positive is required to comply with the contract. So is anyone hired by First Floor. But as the line of sub-contractors gets longer, the rules become foggy. "If we buy steel from a contractor, where does it stop? Do you then say I want to know where you bought the iron ore? I want a contract of what company made the steel?" said Defeo.

While legal counsel looks over the details, Defeo says this issue has nothing to do with how taxpayer money is being spent. "We have accountability on how the money is being spent. That is completely separate from the contracts. The design-builder, or the contractor in other cases will send a bill to the district office. We will make sure that that work has been done and completed, and if we want any of those bills done in any more detail, we simply ask for it," said Defeo.

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