Myrtle Beach acquires Superblock property

Myrtle Beach acquires Superblock property

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The City of Myrtle Beach's plan to build a new children's museum and library are moving forward. The city just purchased the building where Escape Room is located. City leaders are excited about this project, and say the area is in need of a change.

"For a number of years we've been having trouble with this particular area. If you go back in history, this was the premiere commercial area for a number of years until the first mall was built. And at that point it started a slow deterioration which has continued over the years," said City Manager John Pederson.

The city needs 13 local businesses to move forward with construction and it has acquired 11 of those businesses voluntarily.

The buildings where Jack Thompson Photography and House Parts are located are still in negotiations with the city.

"As I understand we're in the negotiation phase because our back's against the wall, they say they want our property and now we have to talk about the possibility of selling it or else they'll use eminent domain to take it," said Lacy Paulusen, the owner of House Parts.

Pederson hopes the city won't have to use eminent domain.

"It's still our hope and counsel's desire to make this happen on a voluntary basis and I think we've lost a little bit of focus on what this opportunity of this facility will provide to our kids and our community," Pederson said.

Right now there is no exact timeline when construction will start.

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