Orangeburg burglary suspect arrested after standoff with police

Orangeburg burglary suspect arrested after standoff with police

ORANGEBURG COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – The Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office arrested a man Wednesday after deputies tried to serve him a burglary warrant and he holed himself up in his apartment.

According to an OCSO news release, Aaron Maldonado, 23, of Orangeburg, was charged with two counts of second-degree burglary, two counts of malicious injury to real property and one count of petit larceny.

"Our officers as well as those of the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety were in the process of serving a warrant when area residents reported to these officers of two more burglaries that just occurred," said Sheriff Leroy Ravenell. "So, we're serving a warrant for burglary, and nearly catch him in the act of two more."

Maldonado, who also has a Miami address, began the standoff at his home on Springdale Road around noon. It lasted about 45 minutes before deputies fired a low-grade canister of pepper spray to end the situation before school children arrived home.

Witnesses reported seeing a man carrying a TV into Maldonado's house, which was found in the house after he was arrested. Another house was discovered to have been broken into near the apartments.

Judge Jacob Gillens granted a motion by investigators to deny Maldonado bond.

"Have you seen your criminal history, sir?" asked Jacob Gillens. "It is not very flattering."

Maldonado appears to be linked to other crimes in the area, investigators said.

"This individual has even stated he came to South Carolina to do this very thing – steal other people's possessions," Ravenell said. "We're simply thankful that in his complete disregard for anyone but himself, no one was injured."

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