Deal Diva: 6 Ways to Save Money in April

Deal Diva: 6 Ways to Save Money in April

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) -  Easter is just days away, and you'll find lots of holiday-themed deals, but saving money in April stretches far beyond Easter baskets and chocolate bunnies. There are several ways you save money in the month of April.

Plant a Garden. 

April is National Garden Month. Save money on buying plants full price at the local nursery by attending free plant exchanges. Swap seeds, plants, and cuttings you already have for those you'd like to grow.

Clean Up, Clean Up.

The month of April is known for many to be a time for spring cleaning. However, according to, April is also an ideal time to buy a new vacuum cleaner. It seems new models come out in early June, so retailers are looking to make room for the new stuff and clearing shelves of the older models, by putting them on sale.

Also save money on spring cleaning products. Learn how to make your own products. Try adding dryer sheets to your home's air filter screens. According to dryer sheets can make your home smell fresh, and help keep it dust-free.

Get Rid of Unwanted Items. 

Spring is also an ideal time for garage and yard sales. Convert your clutter into cash, while you spring clean. Also, check out smartphone apps, like Letgo to help you get rid of unwanted items. Also, trying posting to social media. Check out local groups on Facebook that allow you to buy, sell, and trade your items for free.

Hop on the Easter Leftovers. 

Easter is April 16, so make plans to grab all the Easter leftovers on Monday, April 17. Many stores will offer deeply discounted items for as much as 75 percent off. Store away for the next holiday, or look for the less obvious Easter decor, and use it for other events, like birthdays, parties, etc.

Check the Thermostat.

Now is a good time to have your A/C unit check before the warmer temperatures creep in, it could cost less money than  it would in the summer. Contractors are a little less busy during this time. Also, changing your thermostat settings to help prevent unnecessary heating of your home is a good way to save money.

Shop Clearance. 

Winter clearance started late February, but in April department stores and retailers make serious markdowns on winter clothes, which is an easy way to save money. You could find items priced for just a couple of dollars - it's possible. Spring wardrobe items could be marked down too, as retailers try to move inventory to make room for summer items.

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