Homes vandalized in Carolina Forest

Homes vandalized in Carolina Forest

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Coty Calviera has lived in Southgate for almost 10 years. Over the past eight months, he said teens have been coming into the neighborhood and vandalizing homes. He said the teenagers use the path on the side of his house to get to the train tracks behind his home. From there, the kids walk to an old factory where they hang out. Neighbors have been finding graffiti spray painted on their homes and fences.

"There was a neighbor who reported the H or the 'heath gang' written all over their front porch. Weeks later, we experienced broken windows," said Coty Calviera.

When the vandalism continued, Calviera said he asked his HOA if he could put up a fence, but they said it wasn't allowed. One night, Calviera caught kids in the act and called police.

"A cop came when they were actually still here. And all he did was walk out, didn't take any names. All we did was walk them out. The kids were laughing while they were leaving and all they did was drive away. And his statement was, kids will be kids," Calviera said.

Cody said in the latest incident, it wasn't just his property that was damaged. Teenagers broke into his car in the driveway and stole his girlfriend's purse and pain medication.

"They stole my step kids and their social security cards -  their bank cards," he said.

Coty says he's frustrated his HOA and the police aren't doing anything about this ongoing problem.

"I don't know what else I could do to defend myself after I have signs and I have police that come here and catch them. And the HOA won't let me put signs up. It just ruins people's lives and days, and I hope the HOA understands this - that the lack of effort causes emotional distress," he said.

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