CCU Holds Annual Spring Game

CCU Holds Annual Spring Game

Story Courtesy of Coastal Carolina Athletics

CONWAY – The Coastal Carolina football team concluded its spring season Saturday afternoon as the Chanticleers held their annual Spring Game at Brooks Stadium. The exhibition consisted of 19 five-minute periods, with each period focusing on different situational aspects of the game.

"First off I would like to thanks the fans that came out to see our annual Spring Game," said head coach Joe Moglia, who talked the crowd through each phase of the Game from the press box. "We have film to look at after this to see where we are overall, and clearly we still have a lot of work to do. Our first objective was to make sure everyone was healthy, and the second was to get a feel for where we are as a team."

Periods 1-6

The first six periods of the Spring Game focused on special teams, offensive plays with the team backed up deep in its own end and red zone situations.

Coastal opened with its kickoff team in the first session, followed by its kick return team in the second session. Senior wide receiver Chris Jones served as the Chants' primary kick returner.

The third period featured the Chanticleer offense backed up close to its own end zone. The first offense, led by Austin Wilson, took the opening series, getting a first down on a nice pass to Malcolm Williams. The Tyler Keane-led second offense then took the field, and also got a first down on a four-yard run Ra'Quan Bennett and catch by Lorenzo D'Angelo. The first offense returned for the final series, with Marcus Outlow breaking away for a 65-yard run on the first play.

The fourth period focused on Coastal's punt units, with Evan Rabon and Charles Ouverson serving as the Chants' punters.

The fifth period saw the Chants' redzone offense go to work, starting from the 25 yard line. The top unit with Wilson was stymied by the Coastal defense, and a 42-yard field goal attempt from Rabon went wide. The second unit with Keane used six plays to get into the enzone, with the touchdown coming on an 18-yard pass to Antawn Chandler. Alex James also had 14 rushing yards for the second unit.

The sixth period featured Coastal's field goal units, with Rabon and Masamitsu Ishibashi alternating 38- and 41-yard attempts. Rabon made the first and missed the second, while Ishibashi nailed both.

Periods 7-13

The next session featured head-to-head series between the first, second and third offensive and defensive units, with each unit on the field for a nine-play series. Wilson quarterbacked the first team, while Austin Bradley and Keane led the second and third teams, respectively.

The second units took the field first, and the defense had the better outing in the series. Allen Hall recorded an interception with no return on the second play, and the offense's longest play of the series was an eight-yard pass from Bradley to James.

The first units followed, and once again the defense prevailed as Myles White and Marcus Williams combined for two sacks in the first three plays. The offense showed some flash as Wilson threw for consecutive 20-plus yard passes to Chris Jones and Marcus Williams, but an interception by Fitz Wattley returned for 35 yards closed the series.

The first units went a second time, and the offense managed to move the chains twice before another interception, this time by Dontay Hears, occurred on the final play of the series. Wilson finished 7-12 with 63 yards and two interceptions in the two series with the ones.

The third unit featured Keane completing three passes to Omar Black for a combined 43 yards, including a 17-yard touchdown pass. Marquiese Jones also had 15 rushing yards in the series.

Periods 14-15

After a quick break, the team returned to the field for some more special teams work.

The punt block return teams took to the teal turf, with Jones and Williams returning kicks. The kickoff and kick return teams also got in one play each.

Periods 16-17

The following periods saw the first two offensive units go to work on the two-minute drill, starting from their own 30-yard line.

Wilson once again quarterbacked the first unit, going 2-5 for 11 yards, and Osharmar Abercrombie added six yards on the ground and a seven-yard reception. The defense stopped the offense from passing midfield.

Keane led the second unit, and completed two passes to Alex James and Maxwell Kjosa for a combined 24 yards before throwing an interception on the third play. Calvin Smith recorded the pick for the Chanticleer defense.

Periods 18-19

The Spring Game concluded with a live scrimmage that featured the twos and threes.

Bradley was at quarterback for the entirety of the live scrimmage, which featured two series.

The first series resulted in a three-and-out as the defense held steady. The second series saw the offense move the chains three times  as it worked from its own 30-yard line to the opposite 25. Bradley completed one of two passes in the series for 10 yards, and ran for 14 more. Marquiese Jones led the running back with 13 yards.