Myrtle Beach High School shaken by deaths of two students who fell from hotel

Myrtle Beach High School shaken by deaths of two students who fell from hotel

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach High School is still coping with the loss of students Daniela Flores and Amber Franco, who both died after falling from the Camelot By the Sea Hotel on Ocean Boulevard on Wednesday.

Students and staff have been taking time to reflect on the girls' time at MBHS. One of Franco's teachers said the 17-year-old went out of her way to make friends with everyone..

"In the few months we were able to know her, she was friendly and was friendly with everyone," said Jenien Passigli, a Spanish teacher at MBHS. "If I hadn't talked to her, I wouldn't have known she was new."

Flores was involved in the schools theater program. and an honor student.

"She was just beautiful, a beautiful person with a beautiful smile," Passigli said. "And there wasn't anyone she didn't talk to and try to help."

To honor the girls and show support for their family, students at the school took pen to paper to describe how they feel.

"It was immediately said we should write letters, we should write notes to the family," Passigli said. "So that's what they did."

Dozens of letters will be sent out to the teens' families.

"One student wrote, 'Amber, where to begin? You were an amazing person and it's not going to be the same without you. I remember the day we met like it was yesterday. I embarrassed myself in front of you and you still wanted to be my friend,'" Passigli said. "And that was Amber. Another student wrote, 'Dani you were such a kind, loving and beautiful person and you had such a big heart. Thank you for helping me with my Spanish work. Fly high, baby girl. We will all miss you so much.'"

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