CCU students respond to cheerleading team investigation

CCU students respond to cheerleading team investigation

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Questions from the community about whether or not it is "fair" to suspend the entire Coastal Carolina University cheerleading team have been rising.

Some are also curious as to whether male-dominated sports teams would be treated the same way as the cheerleaders are.

Students around CCU's campus had similar reactions.

Many say that it is not fair for the university to suspend the entire cheerleading team when only five members are being investigated.

One student, Robin Powdrill, said the situation is very controversial and sensitive because of those involved.

"They are part of the school and part of the culture, and they're like the face of CCU because that's what people look at when they come here," said Powdrill.

She added the publicity the cheerleaders have received thus far has not been good. She's also not sure if the baseball or football teams would face the same situation if the roles were reversed.

"People who know us know us because of our baseball and football teams, and the cheerleading team isn't quite up at that level, so it would be harder for me to picture them doing this to the baseball team or the football team," Powdrill said.

However, one member from the CCU football team said that there is no way the football team would receive preferential treatment.

The university still will not grant WMBF News an interview as the investigation continues.

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