Consider This: Rebuilding after Hurricane Matthew is difficult, but not optional

It's been 6 months since Hurricane Matthew slammed South Carolina and many businesses and residents are still on that long road to recovery.

Two of the biggest issues that have gotten a lot of attention recently are The Surfside Pier and The Palace Theater.

Both sustained massive damage and as of right now we don't know the future of either one.  With both of them being such huge attractions for both tourists and locals, it would be a shame to let them become a permanent loss to our community.

Many of our golf courses were also heavily damaged with both the record flooding and the hurricane, and it's great to see many of them rebuild and unveil huge improvements.

Aberdeen recently reopened with a renovated clubhouse and restaurant and Arcadian Shores is also building a new clubhouse and improving the course after Hurricane Matthew toppled hundreds of trees.

Consider This:  Rebuilding after a disaster is incredibly difficult, but as business owners and community leaders we need to have the mentality that it is not an option… come up with a plan that turns tough times into opportunity.

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