Woman robbed while trying to give cash to man on Mr. Joe White Avenue

Woman robbed while trying to give cash to man on Mr. Joe White Avenue

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A woman was robbed of nearly $300 while trying to give a man a dollar in the area of Mr. Joe White Avenue North Sunday, according to a report from Myrtle Beach Police Department.

The woman said that two men approached her, and one of them asked for a dollar. As she was going into her pocket to get the money, the other man took $293 out of a different pocket and pushed her. Her Maryland I.D. was also stolen.

Both men ran north on the beach after stealing the woman's items, the report states.

As the officer talked with the victim, two individuals approached the officer and said, "That's them across the road." The suspect and another individual were running southbound on the other side of the street.

The victim explained that the individual who was with the suspect was not involved with the robbery. She showed the police the other suspect who was leaning against a tree nearby.

Both men were detained, according to the report.

The suspects denied all accusations. One of them said that he was home during the incident.

The victim, with no hesitation, identified both suspects as the individuals she came in contact with.

Both suspects were arrested. Nahjee Ahmir Funnie, 19, is one of the suspects listed in the police report. He was charged with accessory. The other suspect was charged with armed robbery.

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