Businesses donate $6,700 to have crosswalks and street signs installed in MarshWalk area

Businesses donate $6,700 to have crosswalks and street signs installed in MarshWalk area

MURRELLS INLET, SC (WMBF) - Local businesses along 17 Business in the Murrells Inlet MarshWalk area have donated $6,700 to have four crosswalks and street signs put in their area by the Easter holiday.

The organization in charge of putting the crosswalks in place is Murrells Inlet 2020.

Businesses say that tourism is the area's biggest resource, and they've noticed pedestrians struggle to cross the road when they have to park across the street in the overflow parking lots.

Currently, there are no crosswalks or stoplights along the busy 4-mile stretch of restaurants and businesses.

Gigi Roy, dining room manager at Drunken Jack's, has noticed the problem for a while now, but the upcoming busy season has her most worried.

"Spring break is in the next couple weeks here, with Easter coming up we're very busy for both lunch and dinner. It's not just dinner hours anymore. So, to continue to bring people down to the MarshWalk, we really have to execute these crosswalks to make it very easy for the tourists to come and go," said Roy.

Tourism, she says, is what keeps the area going.

"Bring them across the street, bring them across the state, we'll be happy to have them," said Roy.

Crosswalks and street signs will be designed to make it easier to get them across the street.

The local business owners meet monthly to discuss the happenings in their area such as the Taste of the MarshWalk event.

It was at one of those monthly meetings where the idea to donate money for the crosswalks was brought up.

Everything is scheduled to be in place within the month.

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