Restaurant Scorecard: Inspectors return to MB oyster bar, cited again for same violations

Restaurant Scorecard: Inspectors return to MB oyster bar, cited again for same violations

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Inspectors with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control went back for a follow-up visit to see if one Myrtle Beach restaurant could redeem itself after a low score last week,

At a couple of other restaurants, inspectors couldn't find any problems.

A minor violation for Clean Eatz on North Kings Highway led to it earning a score of 96. The inspector said some bowls used for putting vegetables on the grill were in poor repair.

Lincoln Park and Grill on the U.S. 17 Bypass South near Surfside Beach earned a low grade of 88, still an A. However, the inspector noted several problems, like some certain ready-to-eat foods stored in cold-holding storage was not at the proper temperature.

The report said this is considered a priority violation. The inspector also observed that bulk Italian sausage was not thawing under cold-running water. That package was still frozen and sitting in standing water. However, that violation was corrected during the inspection.

Last week, inspectors visited the Original Shuckers Raw Bar on North Kings Highway, The restaurant earned an overall score of 87 during the initial visit. This week, it did much better.

The restaurant was first cited for passing swai off as grouper. During the return visit, the inspector noted grouper was observed in the chest freezer.

Additionally, the inspector observed the back door of the kitchen was open, with no screen door. Wiping cloths were also not being kept in sanitizer, which was a consecutive violation.

After having several points deducted for dirty equipment, the restaurant was observed with grease build-up on the cooking equipment and floors, another consecutive violation.

Ultimately, the restaurant earned an overall score of 93.

The Myrtle Beach areas school also got a visit this week. Here's a look at how the cafeterias scored:

  • Myrtle Beach Elementary - 100
  • Myrtle Beach High School - 97 (Deflector plate on inside of ice machine had debris build up.)
  • Myrtle Intermediate School - 99 (Painted concrete brick wall in dry storage room behind shelving has excessive debris build up.)
  • Myrtle Beach Middle School - 99 (Paint peeling off concrete block wall in room where dish machine is located.)
  • Myrtle Beach Primary School - 100

Finally, Kirk's Ice Cream Parlor at 2500 N. Kings Hwy., and Papi's Pizza on S.C. 707 both earned a perfect 100 score.

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