Aberdeen Country Club unveils new, improved facilities after Hurricane Matthew

Aberdeen Country Club unveils new, improved facilities after Hurricane Matthew

LONGS, SC (WMBF) - The Aberdeen Country Club's green and clubhouse took heavy damage during Hurricane Matthew.

After, the owners didn't just rebuild; they took it one step further by creating a new logo that symbolizes where they've been and where they hope to be.

With Aberdeen Country Club open to golfers for the first time since Matthew, Steve Mays, marketing director for Founders Group International, said they took tough times and made the most of them.

"We looked at Celtic mythology and found the dragon and the dragon is a controller of water, so we thought that that was the perfect symbol for what Aberdeen has gone through and the facility that has emerged here now," Mays said. "Not only did it give us an opportunity to redo our facility and our clubhouse here, but it also gave us a chance to sort of take another look at Aberdeen and rebrand Aberdeen."

Founders Group has purchased 22 courses in the Grand Strand and Pee Dee over the last few years, and Mays said the plan is to continue the golf legacy in the Grand Strand.

"I think you'll continue to see Founders Group invest in their golf courses. I think that's important. We'll try to continue to get people to this area and we'll continue to make sure our facilities are the best in this area," said Mays.

John and Debbie Burns are permanent residents in Longs and say they've gone too long without a tee time.

"This is our go-to course," John Burns said.

Aberdeen will also feature a newly renovated restaurant and bar to go along with the new course. Mays said everything is now ready and open for business.

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