RE/MAX moving into Kress Corner in downtown Florence

RE/MAX moving into Kress Corner in downtown Florence

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Downtown Florence is growing and that growth is what's attracting even more businesses.

Now, RE/MAX is bringing dozens of employees to the Kress Corner right above Town Hall. The office is moving out of its current location on Cherokee Road after five years.

"We walked in here and it was an egg shell, just a shell and I just couldn't," said owner Adam Crosson. "I really wasn't even seriously thinking about moving until I walked here and that was sort of it."

The intersection of Evans and Dargan streets is where Crosson said he wants his employees to be able to enjoy work, eat and hang out.

Additionally, RE/MAX is also expanding its agents. Crosson said there are six new ones who came on board and there will be between 45 and 50 who will work out of the new space.

"I really wanted an awesome place to work, to be excited to come into work you know," he said.

The Kress Corner is one key driving force that is moving the downtown area into a full district. The office space is an open concept, with 18 work stations, private offices, conference rooms and bistro seating..

Crosson is hoping moving RE/MAX will bring even more foot traffic to downtown Florence.

"We want to help provide business, but we also want to enjoy it," he said. "How cool would it be, in Florence, to walk out the door and take your client out to eat instead of driving somewhere like we are accustomed to doing?"

Signs for RE/MAX aren't up yet, but will soon be above Town Hall and along Dargan Street, where the entrance will be accessed through the breezeway.

Crosson said a grand opening celebration will take place in about one month. RE/MAX employees will move in and begin work on Monday.

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