NMB police report calm spring break season so far, brace for next wave of students

NMB police report calm spring break season so far, brace for next wave of students

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Law enforcement are reporting a calm spring break season so far while preparing for the next group of vacationing students.

Police brace for what they call the usual through spring break, which are mostly complaints about loud parties.

North Myrtle Beach law enforcement said it's been calm so far, but the spring breakers are certainly not hard to find.

Chief Phil Webster said on top of spring breakers, several universities have been in town for tournaments at the local sports complex.

"You know they go out and do things as a group and police themselves so to speak," Webster said. "It's good to have those people in town that have other activities going on."

Webster noted that something police expect every year are the noise complaints.

"When you live here year round and you have to get up and go to work the next morning and you got a group next door that's staying up and having a good time, they conflict with each other," he said.

The chief urged concerned neighbors to call police and let officers mediate these situations.

Still, Webster didn't believe any arrests had been made for these calls, just warnings. However, they have had a few for public intoxication and underage drinking.

Webster said drinking is nothing new for upper college classmen who visit the city. For the high school crowd, though, it's the total opposite.

"A lot of them are immature, and they get alcohol underage and don't understand what it can do to them," he said.

According to Webster, officers work with the rental companies to meet with the high school groups as soon as they arrive in North Myrtle Beach.

Because visits by high school students typically book-end Easter, Webster said that's when their Alcohol Enforcement Team, or the AET, will start to make its presence known.

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