WMBF Investigates - Why was Brad's wife fired from Cracker Barrel?

WMBF Investigates - Why was Brad's wife fired from Cracker Barrel?

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The entire internet is asking why #BradsWife was fired from Cracker Barrel after 11 years, and one viewer asked the WMBF News Investigates team to get answers.

In case you missed the backstory: People all over the world have been demanding answers after the Harrison County, Indiana man publicly asked the restaurant chain why Brad Byrd's wife Nanette was let go from her job at the Cracker Barrel in Corydon.

It's really nobody's business, other than Brad's, his wife's and Cracker Barrel's, and legally, the company can't divulge information to the public about about a personnel matter. Nevertheless, the hashtags #BradsWife, #JusticeForBradsWife, #BradsWifeMatters and others went viral after Byrd, of Milltown, Indiana, posted on the restaurant chain's Facebook page, "Why did you fire my wife?"

Leaving no stone unturned, the WMBF News Investigates team contacted the local Cracker Barrel by the Coastal Grand Mall. The employee who answered said he had received at least one call from someone asking why Brad's wife was fired. The manager at the restaurant said they've been told to direct all calls to corporate media relations.

The mystery of why Brad's wife was fired remains a mystery.

Byrd said the international attention has been overwhelming, but he appreciates the support. He said he has been able to laugh at some of the comments, hashtags and even songs that people have posted.

Byrd said Cracker Barrel still hasn't told him or his wife why she was fired, and the company hasn't responded to Raycom affiliate WAVE3's requests for a statement on the matter.

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