Howe Springs Fire Department adds more life-saving equipment

Howe Springs Fire Department adds more life-saving equipment

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - One Pee Dee Fire department is taking lessons learned from Hurricane Matthew and the thousand-year flood and adding new resources to its department.

The Howe Springs Fire Department is now sporting two new boats.

Fire Chief Billy Dillon said during both flooding events, the department had to rely on other agencies and personal boats to save people during evacuations.

He said the two new boats were also needed, because within the area the department serves there are two rivers.

"The fire department is called out for all kinds of different emergencies. As you have seen over the last couple of years we have been doing all kinds of evacuations and rescues of people being flooded out of their homes," Chief Dillon said.

The new rescue boats are coming at little cost to you.

Local industries needing the department's help over the years donated to the crew which allowed them to purchase two new boats.

"We are proud to be able to have that capability now. We have a variety of boats one that's more quick access and can be used in shallow water. And, one that can be used in large water that can evacuate a larger number of people," Chief Dillon said.

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