Three additional beach volleyball courts coming to downtown Myrtle Beach

Three additional beach volleyball courts coming to downtown Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Downtown Myrtle Beach will soon be home to three new beach volleyball courts.

City officials have been looking at putting in more courts for quite some time, and now the man in charge of a growing volleyball league said it's finally happening.

Joe Goodwin, a coach from Ocean Bay Middle School, said it will cost $20,000 to create the new courts, bringing the total number to six.

"Really, it's going to be one of the nicest beach volleyball facilities on the east coast, literally right on the beach," Goodwin said.

According to Goodwin, the majority of the cost is actually for the sand. He said that not only are the courts unique to Myrtle Beach, but they are perfect fit for downtown.

"It just looks good. We're in Myrtle Beach. The volleyball courts down there on a vacant lot, it just dresses the place up," Goodwin said. "It looks really nice. People down there on the boardwalk just stop and watch."

With so many people using them now, Goodwin said three courts just wasn't enough, especially since the league he started last year is up to 17 teams and growing fast.

"So I think over time, you're just going to see more and more people playing because most people are like 'Oh, I love to play volleyball!'' he said.

Goodwin said he found out on Monday that the project was given the green light just in time for the spring and summer seasons.

"People are looking for ways to be active and it's a social game," he said. "You're out with your friends. And there is different divisions," he said. "You don't have to be a professional. You can be a beginner, you can be kind of a middle-of-the-road person and there are different places for you to fit in, with the different tournaments and leagues and things like that."

The new courts should be up and running in two weeks. Those who want to sign up for a summer league can click here.

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