Woman hosts community awareness meeting Thursday night to address gun violence

Woman hosts community awareness meeting Thursday night to address gun violence

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - A woman in the North Strand is taking initiative to find a solution to end gun violence.  She's asking for your help to help find a resolution to make Horry County safer.

Everyone is invited to the gun violence awareness meeting Thursday at 7 p.m. at Horry County's North Strand Recreation Center.  This is the second meeting Crystal Black is holding to get Horry County communities together to talk about the issue of gun violence and to look for extra resources to help specifically teenagers.

"I hope that the building is overflowing with people, that's what I hope for," Black told WMBF News.

Black's goal is to get at least five people from most Horry County communities to attend.  She wants the people who live throughout the county to talk about what they see when it comes to violence, and discuss better resources that could be made available.  She said she's striving to get the word out from Facebook, and calling government officials herself so more people will attend tonight.

Black said she hopes the meeting is overflowing Thursday night with people who also want to make a change.  "You can't give up unless you try, you know. So just keep pushing forward and try to make a difference," Black said.

Black said she hasn't been personally touched by a gun crime, but friends and family have.  She said she's attended some community meetings hosted by police, but it's time everyone steps up to get involved.

"What other alternative motives can we get to these children with a gun in their hands?  What can we do? Can we get them a job? Can we help them find work resources? Can we put them in a program to where they're mentored, so they don't have so much time on their hands?  So they're always consistently busy? There's something we can do as a community.  Where are our men at? So they can help us with these young men and women.  Can we get that?" Black stated.

The North Strand Recreation is located at 102 Wampee Rd, Little River, SC 29566.  It's right off of Highway 57.

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