Spring breakers help flood victims in Lake City

Spring breakers help flood victims in Lake City
Source: Audrey Biesk
Source: Audrey Biesk

LAKE CITY, SC (WMBF) - People are still recovering and in need throughout the Pee Dee following the October 2015 flood.

Now, a group of college students from the South East are stepping up to help.

The volunteers are from the North American Mission Board and directed to the Southern Baptist Send Relief nonprofit organization who have worked on 15 different homes in the Pee Dee this week.

One woman who lives in Lake City is receiving help a year-and-a-half later to repair her damaged home.

"I just thought we would never get it back together," said Rosslan Boston, who lives along Randolph Road in Lake City.

Boston said after the students finish, she knows her home will look even better than it did before.

"It was horrible," she said. "You know you always worry about how you are going to get it fixed. It wasn't good. It wasn't good. I applied for it, but I'm not used to getting it when I applied. I thought they turned me down, but when he came and told me they didn't, I was so excited."

The students and volunteers have ripped up Boston's floor, walls and baseboards, and put up new baseboards and a new bathroom. She said they even surprised her with a brand new stove and fridge.

"When people come help you be happy, be joyful and treat them nice," she said. "And from my heart, I had the best people that came to help me."

Catelyn Holbrooks a freshman student and volunteer, finds encouragement by working with her team to make a difference in the homeowners' lives.

"How she responds to some of the things we are doing, it's brought tears to my eyes just because of the way her facial expressions will light up when she sees her floor, and how her house is becoming a home again, really," Holbrooks said.

The repairs in Boston's home will be finished next week when another group of students come back to pick up where this group left off. The Send Relief volunteers will work throughout the Pee Dee until the end of April.

For Boston, their efforts have left her with a new sense of hope.

"They convinced me I need to do more for people," she said.

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