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Former players sue Myrtle Beach indoor football team, league after sustaining injuries in Grand Strand game

Source: American Indoor Football Facebook Page Source: American Indoor Football Facebook Page

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Two former football players are suing the Myrtle Beach Freedom indoor football team and the American Indoor Football League after suffering career-ending knee injuries while playing at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center last year.

According to court documents filed March 15 in the Court of Common Pleas for the 15th Judicial Circuit, Christopher Smith and David Toussaint are seeking damages against both the Freedom and the AIF.

The plaintiffs, who were a part of the Columbus (Georgia) Lions team, allege that loose flooring at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center during a May 23, 2016 game against the Freedom caused them to twist their knees.

They required extensive medical treatment and were left with permanent injuries, according to court documents.

“There were no warning signs regarding the defective or loose playing surface, no notice to the Plaintiff regarding the defective, and no warning signs,” the lawsuit states. “The surface was provided by Freedom, under the guidelines of AIF, and warranted provided to Plaintiff as a safe and adequate surface on which to play football.”

Last spring, three Myrtle Beach Freedom coaches walked away from the team in its inaugural season.

They said the lack of resources for the players was something they could no longer support. The practice field, for example, was described as unlevel, unkept and unfit for a professional team.

Their concerns went beyond the practice field. The former coaches said the game field worried them even more.

“It just became unethical, and we all have integrity. So, we walked,” former strength coach Tom Martin previously said.

According to WMBF News partner MyHorryNews, the AIF was dissolved in July of last year and with it went all of the league’s teams.

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