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Tiff over a TIF: Cayce, Lexington County councils duel over taxes in statements

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Members of Cayce City Council and Lexington County Council appear to be having it out over press releases in regard to Cayce's request to extend their riverfront development TIF. 

A TIF, or tax-increment funding, allows municipalities to earmark tax revenue from increases in assessed values within a specific area, according to the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. 

Lexington County Council members Erin Long Bergeson, Ned Tolar, Phil Yarborough, and Darrell Hudson released a statement Tuesday morning in opposition of a proposal put forth by Cayce to extend their TIF at 20-year-old tax values.

"While we don’t oppose an updated TIF for the City of Cayce, extending the current TIF at 1998 levels would be unfair to taxpayers in other parts of the county. And given the many pressing needs throughout the county, it simply wouldn’t make sense," the statement said. 

That statement appeared to upset Cayce Mayor Elise Partin, who released a statement of her own several hours later.

“When fewer than half of the members of any elected body prematurely send out a statement to the media, with incorrect information, about an issue that is still being negotiated; we call that political scare tactics," Partin said. "The people of Lexington County know the economic development value of the Riverwalk and other projects we have undertaken. Our Cayce Council members have a strong record of protecting the taxpayers and using sound fiscal management. We will continue to negotiate this issue with Lexington County Council in a transparent and professional manner."

Cayce City Council will hold a council meeting on Wednesday.

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