Homeowner wants more signage, speed bumps in neighborhood where cars damage property

Homeowner wants more signage, speed bumps in neighborhood where cars damage property

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - An Horry County woman is fed up and she wants drivers to stop running the sign and driving through her front lawn.

It's happening at the intersection of Azalea Lakes Boulevard and Harbour Reef Drive.

Data from the homeowners association shows around 800 cars drive through Harbour Reef Drive every day.

Tammy Bryant has been living in the Peninsula Neighborhood for 10 years and didn't expect for her house to be directly in front of an intersection.

It wasn't until the neighborhood expanded a few years ago, and now she's saying she didn't sign up for the damages it's causing.

Damages like cars running stop signs, then making too wide of a turn and leaving the mess in her front yard.

Trees are down, car parts are scattered and tire marks show signs of a wreck that just last week barely missed the side of her home.

Bryant says she's leaving it in her yard so that she can get people to slow down to see what it is or even stop to ask why it is there.

"I don't know what else to do. We're at our wits' end because we're scared it's going to hit the house," Bryant said. "We're scared that one of the kids will be outside and them not paying attention and get hit. There has to be a better solution for all of us."

Bryant filed a police report because of a recent accident that took place in her yard. She said the investigating officer told her she should put reflectors on the stop signs.

According to Bryant, she's willing to go buy cameras to prove to officers how bad the intersection is so they can take the issue more seriously.

A car recently took out a sign to warn drivers a speed bump is coming up, and even though it's been replaced, neighbors are concerned it's not visible enough.

Bryant said she even took the time to put out reflectors on the sidewalks to help slow drivers down.

She added improvements should be made, but that shouldn't be her job.

"Maybe a little bit higher than the humps, just to get people's attention for the safety of themselves, because if they are drinking or driving or if they did fall asleep, at least that would wake them up a little bit to let them know a stop sign is approaching," Bryant said.

WMBF News reached out to the South Carolina Highway Patrol. Officials said they're still investigating the situation.

Lisa Bourcier, spokesperson for Horry County, said the Harbour Reef HOA requested speed humps and the county installed them on Harbour Reef Drive and Point Break Drive, at the end of Azalea Lakes Boulevard.

According to Bourcier, there aren't any speed humps on Azalea Lakes Boulevard itself because the road doesn't have any houses with frontage or driveways that access the road, which is part of the county's policy.

"Horry County staff will review and pursue improvements to visibility of the stop sign and possibly the installation of additional signage," Bourcier said via email. "This is just one example of how we can assist citizens and improve safety when we find out about problems or issues. We would encourage the public to reach out to local governments."

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