WATCH: Golf cart flips as renters rush to return it

WATCH: Golf cart flips as renters rush to return it

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A group of young people in a rush to return their golf cart took a spill Monday when their speeding cart overturned in a parking lot.

Surveillance video from Myrtle beach Liquor Mini Mart shows the cart speeding into the parking lot, then turning over onto its side and coming to a stop.

Owner Curtis Parker arrived minutes after the cart flipped over.

"I could not believe that flipped it, and that they were going that fast, but they probably didn't know how to drive a golf cart correctly," he said.

Parker said there were at least five people in the golf cart when it pulled into the parking lot off of 21st Avenue North and Kings Highway.

"And they were taking a corner real sharp, and hauling tail into the parking lot," he said.

Like many other visitors, Parker said the driver probably wasn't anticipating such an incline into the parking lot. While the group only suffered minor injuries, the mini mart owner noted one passenger was taken to the hospital.

"The passenger got his ankle outside of the golf cart when it flipped over," Parker said.

When it flipped, dozens of people from the surrounding businesses came out to help, including two from Myrtle Beach Liquor, who found out the group was just trying to return the golf cart on time.

"(It was) 4:50 when it happened, they had to return the golf cart at five o'clock and they were in a hurry to get it back to where it was supposed to be," Parker said.

Knowing how dangerous the parking lot can be, Parker was just happy it wasn't worse.

"It could have been, if they were to have hit a car who was coming in the wrong direction, or if they had rolled into oncoming traffic or something because it did slide," he said.

Soon after the flip, Parker said the group got the help needed to get the cart back up, and though it was damaged, they were able to drive away.

"They got lucky, they got lucky," he said.

Parker said some of spring breakers had road rash from sliding on the pavement but he hopes the flip didn't ruin their trip to Myrtle Beach.

You can watch the full video on Myrtle Beach Liquor's Facebook page.

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