Construction of new Horry County schools on schedule, but new issues arise

Construction of new Horry County schools on schedule, but new issues arise

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The five new Horry County schools are in the process of going up, but it could cost a little more time and money before they're fully ready to go.

The construction company, First Floor, was given the job to construct five new facilities and CEO Robbie Ferris says they are right on schedule with three of the schools set to be finished by the first week of July.

But once the schools are built, the job isn't over.

"Well there's work to do. There's furniture to move in. Teachers have to move in. That's a major consideration. The technology has to be moved in. You know, the whole school is running on a secure internet. Those are things that take time and most of that cannot be done until it's finalized," said Horry County Schools Chairman Joe Defeo.

With three schools - Ten Oaks Middle, St. James Middle and Socastee Elementary - set to be built by the first week in July, finance chairman Neal James said they will need a little time to get students ready for the next academic year.

Members of the committee also said they need more money for irrigation at the schools, something Defeo said wasn't planned for.

"The original landscaping was an allowance with no particular direction and what to do but irrigation and all was not part of that," he said.

Ferris added roughly $200,000 would be needed for landscaping, which includes seeding but not irrigation.

For the irrigation, an additional $200,000 would be needed for each of the five schools. According to Defeo, the money is already there.

"It has to be within 10 percent of the total budget, and it's certainly within that area," he said. "And again the money is already budgeted. We will probably not spend all the money that was budgeted when everything is said and done. At least that's my standpoint what I think will happen."

Defeo said each of the new schools will be energy positive, meaning they will produce one more kilowatt of energy than they consume.

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