Horry County deputies search for breach of trust suspects

Horry County deputies search for breach of trust suspects

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Two victims are out thousands of dollars following breach of trust incidents in Horry County.

In this first case, an Horry County police report details an account from Jan. 17, 2017, where Roger Dobbs allegedly went by the victim's home and gave him a $7,000 estimate for repairs to his home.

The victim allegedly paid half, but the work was never done. The man said he was also never able to get a hold of Dobbs by phone and never saw him again.

Police told the victim to pursue a civil lawsuit. Dobbs' last known address is on Faith Drive in Myrtle Beach.

In the next case, an Horry County police report details how the victim allowed Nelson Beall to move into his condo in exchange for remodeling the home.

The victim allegedly gave Beall around $4,000, but the suspect never did the work and disappeared from the home.

His last known address is on Pampilico Highway in Florence.

Anyone with information on these two suspects should contact police.

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