Report: Alleged sexual assault involving Johnsonville Elementary students captured by bus camera

Report: Alleged sexual assault involving Johnsonville Elementary students captured by bus camera
(Source: Raycom Media)

JOHNSONVILLE, SC (WMBF) – A school bus camera captured an alleged sexual assault involving Johnsonville Elementary School students, according to a report from the Florence County Sheriff's Office.

Law enforcement was called to the school on March 9, where the principal said a student had told one of her teachers that a sexual assault had occurred on the bus during the ride home from school the day before.

Once the accusation was made, the teacher reviewed the bus surveillance tape, which allegedly showed what was believed to be a possible rape, the report stated. Other school officials were then brought in to look at the footage.

The teacher told law enforcement the video showed the reported victim being forced to the back of the bus and pushed to the ground, according to the incident report. The student then called another to the rear of the bus and walked away.

According to the report, the victim attempted to get to the front of the bus, but was stopped and forced to the back. An attacking student then allegedly tried to pull the individual's pants down several times and have sexual intercourse with the victim, who kept trying to pull her pants back up.

Several other children allegedly witnessed the incident, according to the report. One student is said to have tried to shield the incident from the bus driver's view.

A statement from Florence School District 5 Superintendent Randy Smiley said the district is "fully cooperating with law enforcement" regarding the alleged assault.

"We wish to make it clear, however, that the well-being and safety of all of our students is a top priority of the District," according to the statement. "Under no circumstances does the District condone or tolerate any inappropriate conduct between students. If information is ever presented to District personnel that any such inappropriate conduct may be taking place, the District immediately investigates and handles each situation as appropriate, including notification of law enforcement."

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