Neighbors upset over 'horrible' conditions on road not county-maintained

Neighbors upset over 'horrible' conditions on road not county-maintained

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - A once-bumpy road has turned into a nightmare for those living at the end of Plantation Road, and there doesn't seem to be any solution in sight.

Plantation Road may be attached to the Cimerron Plantation Subdivision, but those living there said their community doesn't really have a name, and the road isn't taken care of by the county.

"Even before I moved in here, I've had friends that lived here and it's awful," said Kayla Tompkins, who has lived on Plantation Road for just a year. "You have to go maybe five miles an hour just to get where you're going."

Fellow resident Melissa Lindenmuth said her tripped in a pothole and fell into the road. He was left with a scar on his head.

"I definitely want to see it get paved. I don't want to break my car just going to the gas station," said Tompkins.

Tenants said the ownership of the road is split up and divided by the landlords. One landlord said the neighborhood has no homeowners association, and therefore has trouble getting things done.

He added that each landlord was asked to come up with at least $2,500 to fix the road, but the plan fell through.

County officials confirmed that this is a private section of Plantation Road.

"We've completed several inspections over the years (back to the late 90s) with multiple property owners to let them know what improvements would be needed for the county to accept the roads," said county spokeswoman Lisa Bourcier via email. "While there have been several spokespeople for this community over the many years, no single landlord (property owner)  has been able to get consensus from all owners to move forward with maintenance or paving of the road."

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