Police: Two arrested, charged after women held at gunpoint over missing $2,600

Police: Two arrested, charged after women held at gunpoint over missing $2,600

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Two men were taken into custody Monday morning by Myrtle Beach police after allegedly holding two women at gunpoint, demanding money and refusing to let them leave their apartment.

According to information on the Myrtle Beach Police Department's website, Dominic Lamorris Johnson, 26, aka "Too Real," was charged with two counts each of armed robbery and kidnapping, and one count of possession of a weapon during a violent crime.

Antonio Terrell Pierce, 20, was additionally charged with accessory before the fact to a felony.

According to a MBPD incident report, law enforcement responded to an apartment complex off Cedar Street in Myrtle Beach shortly after 8:30 a.m. on Monday. One of the women told police she met Pierce at a club several weeks ago and he had been staying over at the residence she shared with the other victim.

The suspect had reportedly invited Johnson over the previous evening to stay the night.

At 7 a.m. Monday, one of the victims alleged that Johnson woke up and realized $2,600 in cash was missing. He then reportedly pointed a gun against the victim's head and demanded that she give him back the money, the report stated.

The woman told authorities neither she nor the other victim took the money, and said Pierce was known to "rob his friends" and blame it on her.

At that point, Johnson allegedly took the girls' cellphones and car keys while holding the gun so the two could not call police, according to the incident report. He reportedly allowed them to call their parents to request they bring $2,600 in cash.

Johnson reportedly told the girls there would be "2 shots" to either one who tried to run out of the apartment, the report stated. Eventually, he said he was going to bring other friends with "more guns" and left the residence, leaving Pierce to watch over the victims so they wouldn't leave, police said.

When he left the apartment, Johnson was then taken into custody by police, according to the report.

In their statements, one of the girls also alleged that Pierce strangled her in an attempt to get her to confess to taking the money, the report stated. She added she believed the two suspects are affiliated with gangs due to their conversations.

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