Myrtle Beach OB/GYN office opens new extended-hours clinic

Myrtle Beach OB/GYN office opens new extended-hours clinic

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A women's urgent care office has opened in Myrtle Beach to specifically fit the health care needs for women.

A gynecologist is readily available just like a family practice urgent care doctor.

Dr. Tracy Nelson-Christia, an obstetrician and gynecologist with Magnolia OB/GYN in Myrtle Beach, said she opened the clinic after seeing a need within the community, noting it became apparent there was not an urgent and gynecologic care center in the area specifically for pregnant women.

"If a woman is here on vacation, the only option she has is to either go to the emergency room, or maybe try to call her physician back at her hometown," said Nelson-Christia.

For the past five months, the Magnolia OB/GYN has been operating in the Beach Family and Urgent Care office, located off River Oaks Drive in Carolina Forest. Nelson-Christia said the clinic has so far been successful. She added women who have had recent surgery and have questions about their incision or healing, or have inquiries as to their pregnancy now have a "nice mid-level place to go to get things checked out without requiring all the hassle and expense."

Nelson-Christia said more serious issues, like fever or bleeding, still require a trip to the emergency room. However, if a woman has minor questions, they shouldn't have to visit an ER for peace of mind.

"If you have some other minor questions, or if you just want to hear your baby's heart beat because you can't feel the baby moving because you are so early, you can come here get that checked out, have peace of mind and enjoy the rest of your vacation," she said.

The clinic is not simply for tourists. Nelson-Christia said she wanted to provided extended office hours to accommodate working women.

"There is a number of working women in this area. There are, I think, five additional schools, a few of them are in the Carolina Forest area, so we are going to provide extended hours to accommodate those women who perhaps are teachers or work in the school system, they can't get here in the morning and they have to have a late afternoon appointment," she said. "There's police women who have shift work, there are fire women who have shift work, so we are just trying to offer some flexibility so you don't have to detract from your family, detract from your job, and we are just trying to make it convenient for those ladies."

Nelson-Christia said the Carolina Forest location will be the only office that will have extended business hours. However, patients can choose which location they would like to be seen. The facility will also consider offering more services in the future.

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