Horry County police to meet with Loris community to help fight drug, gang issues

Horry County police to meet with Loris community to help fight drug, gang issues

HORRY COUNTY, (WMBF) - Horry County police are working to build trust in the communities they serve.

They're looking to form relationships through face-to-face meetings to help fix neighborhood problems.

So police are encouraging people to participate in a meeting this week.

It's an increase in drug and gang problems that have police holding a third community meeting with the people of Loris.

Officials say the same issues remain after the first two meetings.

The meeting Tuesday will help the community to get to know officers and for those officers to know the people of Loris.

At the community meeting officers plan to go over crime stats and address some of the concerns brought up in the past.

Then you will get a chance to speak-up.

Officials believe this will help determine which problems to focus on.

While there isn't just one topic of discussion, an after-action plan will remain the same.

Officials will work together to figure out the best way both the community and police can resolve problems.

"It's just going to be an overall statistical analysis and discussion of issues that range from gang violence to drug activity to car break-in and a host of other things that have been brought to our attention," Horry County Spokesperson Krystal Dotson said.

This meeting is different from the ones in the past because police are a strategy to fix the problems.

First, they want to increase police presence.

Second, they want to have programs for young people to keep them off the streets by providing recreational activities.

They are also considering a program for convicted felons to share their prison experiences with kids to teach them the importance of staying out of trouble.

The West precinct is already working on organizing community events, but are still working out the details of transportation and finding a central location.

This meeting will not be a stopping point.

Police still want to hear from the community to learn where their attention is needed next.

"The community meetings are definitely the first step and this is an opportunity for us to reveal what we've been doing in response to the calls for service and the citizens' concerns that have been brought to our attention, but also listening to what the community is seeing and what they would like to see," Dotson said.

Police really want to see you at the meeting.

If you want your voice heard the meeting is Tuesday night at 6 at Loris Middle School.

All Horry County precincts are asked to have four community town hall meetings a year to help drop crime rates.

So far, all precincts have had at least one.

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