Pee Dee police crack down on DUI enforcement

Pee Dee police crack down on DUI enforcement

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - An increase in people driving under the influence has caused police in the Pee Dee to beef up patrols.

In March, the Florence Police Department will conduct several safety traffic points, where officers will require drivers to provide their vehicle registration, license and insurance information.

Police said the goal is not to just write tickets, but also decrease the number of crashes and especially the ones that are deadly.

"Spring is the season where more activities occur and this is an opportunity for us to be out in the field and make the people who attend these events safer, by enforcing the law and making the roadways safe," said Lt. Mike Brand, spokesperson for the Florence Police Department.

While the city does not conduct traffic checkpoints regularly it does have a team that participates with other agencies during their checkpoint events.

"Our Alcohol Enforcement Team will be conducting traffic checkpoints throughout the month of March. This is an effort to stem the amount of impaired driving in the City of Florence. We are out there trying to make the city safer," Brandt said.

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