Deal Diva: Saving a bundle on your cell phone plan

Deal Diva: Saving a bundle on your cell phone plan

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - No one wants to pay more for their cellphone plan than they have to, and whatever one's budget may be, there is are plans that can save users a bundle.

The catch is, they may have to think small.

According to Consumer Reports, Ting Wireless is a good option for students or those on a budget. The carrier offers low rates and mostly uses wifi networks to make calls and send texts.

Consumer Reports said Ting is one of the most reasonable deals out there and is compatible with about 80 percent of phones.

For $6 a month, customers can get unlimited calls and texts when they're on wifi. The cellular prices are still reasonable when users don't have access to wifi, and the monthly bill is based on how much service is used during the previous month.

For those who want to upgrade soon, they should keep in mind that Ting Wireless has a limited selection of phones.

If consumers are looking for a family plan, Consumer Reports said Consumer Cellular offers plans that can be customized while offering low rates as well. The company is considered a top-rated traditional service, which offer plans and smartphones to fit any budget.

Project Fi is a service launched by Google last year. Customers can pay in advance by the month for their plans, but there is no contract. Just like Ting Wireless, Project Fi keeps rates low by relying on mostly public and private wifi networks.

Consumer Reports said there's one drawback for Google's Project Fi; it offers only three phones - Google's new Pixel smartphone and older Nexus phones, the 6P and 5X.

In a recent survey, Consumer Reports stated most people who switched providers did so to get a cheaper plan, and on average those who switched to a smaller carrier reduced their monthly bill by $20 or more.

Consumer Reports said it also saw a difference among providers when it comes to robocalls. The telemarketer calls used to be an annoyance for landlines customers, but now they are increasing with cellphone users.

Customers using small carriers like Ting Wireless, Great Call, Virgin Mobile, and TracFone, reported they received fewer telemarketer calls than those customers who were using the four big carriers.

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