Myrtle Beach 'Giraffe Mom' in hospital, appears ready to give birth

Myrtle Beach 'Giraffe Mom' in hospital, appears ready to give birth

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Erin Dietrich, the Myrtle Beach woman who became a viral sensation when she livestreamed her impression of April the Giraffe, is in the hospital and appears to be ready to deliver her baby. And yes, she brought the giraffe mask.

Dietrich went live on Facebook Wednesday afternoon from the hospital, again wearing the giraffe mask that made her internet famous earlier this week.

On Sunday night, Dietrich streamed live on Facebook as she paced about her Myrtle Beach bedroom, wearing leggings and a giraffe mask. Her video, which now has over 30 million views, poked fun at the livestream of April the Giraffe, who has had millions of people glued to their screens as they wait for her to give birth to her fourth calf.

This will be Dietrich's fourth baby as well, and well ahead of schedule – her child was due on March 14.

It appears Dietrich will be giving birth before April, who was still heavily pregnant and relaxing in the hay on Wednesday. Read the latest and watch April's livestream here:

Watch Dietrich's original livestream and our interview with her here:

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