New technology helps doctors get closer to patients

New technology helps doctors get closer to patients

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Doctors in the Pee Dee are focusing on house calls again, with a slight twist.

McLeod Regional unveiled its new Telehealth.

Now, using an IPAD or smartphone you can skip the waiting room and talk to a doctor face to face.

The doctor asks you things like how high your temperature is and asks you to feel around your neck to check for swelling.

Staff said this service is perfect for healthy patients who may be experiencing things like a head cold, sinus issues or the flu.

"It changes the game because we are now able to give patients centered care versus what were are currently doing which is patients revolving around healthcare. We are actually able to do it on their terms making it more patient-centered and patient-friendly," Dr. Bryon Frost said.

It's just like being inside of a real-life checkup except you get to do it in the privacy of your own home.

"This is a great opportunity for patients who have low equity type symptoms, the sniffles, the minor sinus infections, may be even pink eye. Things like that don't really require the hands on or physicians who are trained to use other methods," Matt Reich, McLeod Regional Hospital said.

At this point, anyone can use this service for $49 - no matter if you do or don't have health insurance.

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