MBPD addresses Facebook post warning of attempted abductions

MBPD addresses Facebook post warning of attempted abductions

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A post on Facebook is warning Myrtle Beach residents about a group allegedly trying to abduct unaccompanied women into a white van, but the Myrtle Beach Police Department said they've received no such reports.

A Facebook post by the department states that they are aware of the post that is circulating on social media, and they have checked their calls for service and incident reports, but not found anything that matches the information in the post.

The post in question was made on the morning of Wednesday, March 1, and warns Myrtle Beach-area residents, and specifically women, of attempts to abduct women into a plain white, full-size, construction-style white van. The Facebook poster states he is personally aware of a number of such attempts.

"The van pulls up close, asking the unsuspecting woman some seemingly harmless questions, in effort to get them closer to the van," the post states. "These attempts have taken place in shopping centers, parks and library type areas where women tend to be alone and walking, etc."

The post states that the men in the van have been described as in their 30s to 50s, and of Middle-Eastern and Hispanic descent. The man driving has been described as older than the other occupants.

"They work as a team and their attempts I'm aware of so far, have taken place both at night and during the day," the post continues. "These men are bold and aggressive in their attempts to abduct women." The post states there have been "close calls," but so far no successful abductions.

The post claims that the men have struck in the Murrells Inlet, Garden City and Market Common areas, and incidents go as far back as November, and happened as recently as a week ago.

Since the post was made on March 1, it has been shared over 1,000 times.

The Myrtle Beach Police Department is asking for anyone who has witnessed an incident or who has information to share to call the police agency in the jurisdiction where the incident occurred.

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