Town Centre on Main project back to drawing board, residents have concerns

Town Centre on Main project back to drawing board, residents have concerns

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The developer, architect and city leaders went back to the drawing board Tuesday for a trendy new concept coming to Main Street in North Myrtle Beach.

It has been designed to resemble the Market Common on six acres of undeveloped land. That's why city leaders were intrigued by plans to turn it into what would soon be called "Town Centre on Main."

On Tuesday, the architect of the project showed the North Myrtle Beach planning commission the final renderings of what the area would look like. This time, additional square footage was added to the plan.

Single and multi-family formats will be above businesses, with most having single-car garages. The architect also provided examples of outdoor signs.
Also shown were a putting green and sidewalks to make it pedestrian-friendly, and the street layout that will run in the middle of the Centre.

Finally, parking spaces for full-sized vehicles, motorcycles and golf carts have been added.

Main Street is the heart of the city, so city leaders are supporting this plan. The architect says it's a growing trend throughout the country.

"People are returning to city centers for recreation and enjoyment, shopping and fellowship, enjoyment with each other, and so it has the potential of being a very big deal for North Myrtle Beach," Townes Centre on Main Architect David Glymph said.

The proposed Town Centre on Main project in North Myrtle Beach is next to the Barefoot Church and across the street from the BI-LO on Main Street.
But concerns are coming from what's behind the proposed location.

The original plan for the Town Center on Main project was to add town homes, retail spaces and a restaurant. But the developer had changed the landscape and removed the restaurant in response to complaints from people who live around the area. The had concerns about noise that would bounce off the pond and the smell of garbage that would come the back of the restaurant.

So the developers came to an agreement with the city to swap out the proposed restaurant for additional mixed-used spaces. The architect says there's still a potential for places to eat like a cafe, but only on the inside the Centre.

An idea to add a wall to separate Town Centre on Main and the private homes is also being considered.

Current city law would require that wall to be at least six feet high, but some residents don't want the wall because they say why remove the vegetation that's already there to add a wall when they already have the privacy they need.

"On the other side of the issue, would rather have it all open so they can look at the water and the development, so there's varying points of view but we have yet to decide or come to consensus on how that will be treated," Glymph said.

If all goes as planned, construction should start this summer.

The project will be privately funded so taxpayer money won't be used. There's no word on how much the project will cost.

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