Highway 17 bridge over Kings Highway closes for maintenance

Highway 17 bridge over Kings Highway closes for maintenance

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The Highway 17 bridge, which passes over Kings Highway, near Carolina Opry project will start Wednesday, according to a Facebook post from the Myrtle Beach Government.

South Carolina Department of Transportation announced that northbound lanes of Highway 17 will be detoured onto 82nd Parkway. Southbound Highway 17 traffic will not be affected by the project.

The maintenance works includes: sandblasting and painting the overpass, as well as checking for structural soundness, SCDOT states.

The project is expected to be finished May 25, before Memorial Day.

Many medical businesses line the road of 82nd Parkway, and many professionals who work there told WMBF News that they are worried about how the traffic pattern changes could affect their patients.

Dr. Joseph Menn from Coastal Podiatry Associates is one of those doctors concerned about the road detour.

"This is already a busy highway for a lot of businesses along this road and they're all medical businesses. So, people are coming in here that are sick or injured and are trying to make turns into the doctors offices," said Menn.

He says he wishes SCDOT would have chosen a different side street for the detour.

He also thinks the busy traffic on 82nd Parkway will effect how long it takes employees and patients to get to the office.

"Especially in the morning when rush hour is really busy. if this is the only road that people are going up and down, people are going to be late for appointments, people are going to be messing up our schedules, employees maybe coming in a little late putting havoc on our schedules," said Menn.

Local residents who live in nearby neighborhoods, such as The Dunes, are concerned about how the extra traffic along North Kings Highway will impact their neighborhood.

The Dunes, Grand Dunes, and other neighborhoods have entrances directly off of North Kings Highway, one of the detour roads.

Homeowner Jeffrey Lucas says he wishes SCDOT would have done this construction a little earlier

"It's basically the start of Spring Break and things are already getting wild. Now if we have traffic coming through here and bike week, I hope it doesn't turn into a problem but it definitely could," said Lucas.

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