Popular pier set to close Monday for repairs

Popular pier set to close Monday for repairs

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, (WMBF) - A popular pier is set to close Monday for repairs following damage from Hurricane Matthew.

Most of the wooden structures along the waterfront in Murrells inlet received damage from erosion caused by Hurricane Matthew.

Now crews are starting to repair most of the significant damages to the Veteran Pier.

Part of the project includes 24 linear feet of concrete walkway leading up to the pier along with the bulkhead and boardwalk.

Crews have to put down new sheeting to prevent further erosion issues in the area. Some electrical work is also needed but that work can happen while the pier is open.

Work is just beginning now because officials say certain procedures have to be followed to hire people for the job. Georgetown County is also spending time making repairs to beach accesses in Garden City and Litchfield beaches which also delayed work at the pier.

Crews hope to have the pier ready for the summer season, but need your cooperation.

"We always see people who move barricades, caution tape - please heed any kind of markings that indicate that a structure is closed whether it's undergoing repairs or about to start repairs, if we closed it, it's for safety issues," Georgetown County Public Information Officer Jackie Broach said.

No word on how much the damages will cost.

The Veterans Pier will remain closed for most March. Repairs should take about three weeks if the weather cooperates.

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