Severe Weather Awareness Week - Flash Flooding

Severe Weather Awareness Week - Flash Flooding

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF)- Flooding - we have several types we have to deal with in the Grand Strand and Pee Dee. For Severe Weather Awareness Week, we'll focus on Flash Flooding and flood advisories.

Our local National Weather Service office in Wilmington typically reserves the "flash flooding" phrase for parts of the Piedmont and in the mountains where flash flooding is more common. If a flash flood warning is issued you can expect quickly rising water at least two feet deep. Or any flooding that would threaten property or life or could cause bridge or road washouts.

"Unfortunately I don't think people realize the threat that flooding poses. It's one of the biggest weather related killers out there and a lot of those deaths are actually avoidable," a NWS spokesperson said. He says, "It's people taking chances they shouldn't. It doesn't take much water to float a car."

It only takes about 2 feet of water in fact, and just 6 inches of flowing water can knock you down, and you never know what shape the road is in underneath the water. Not to mention, when you drive through flooding, it sends a wake of water into people's yards and homes, potentially causing more damage.
Don't play in flood water. In the summer, it's tempting to let kids get in, but remember, it's runoff- Full of fertilizer, pet waste, oil, gasoline, and if there has been severe weather there could be power lines down too.

I reached out to you and asked where you commonly see flooding during heavy rain. With this story, we also have an interactive map of places we commonly see flooding because of heavy rain. If you would like to add a street to the map, just send an email to First Alert Meteorologist Marla Branson.

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