Woman claims to find remnants of recent drug bust after stolen car returned

Woman claims to find remnants of recent drug bust after stolen car returned

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A woman who retrieved her stolen vehicle from a police impound lot said she found items inside that could only be evidence tied to a recent drug bust.

Lisa Sanders reported her vehicle stolen to Myrtle Beach police on Feb. 12.

Then, officers found her missing blue Ford Explorer in the parking lot of the Cookout restaurant located on North Kings Highway. Inside the vehicle were two individuals, Whitney Coleman and Edward Ruhl, who were allegedly in possession of methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine and pills.

Sanders claimed that police did not notify her of the crime that had occurred inside her vehicle. Instead, she found out what happened through a WMBF News report.

Then, once Sanders had the SUV back in her possession, she said she found clothes, a suitcase, a television, a safe, and unused needles still inside.

Sanders said she was very nervous about driving her car with those contents inside, so she called the Horry County Police Department, who later sent an officer to her house to help remove the items from the car.

Once the items were safely removed, Sanders said the police officer told her to "do whatever she wanted with them." So, she threw everything away.

However, she is still worried about what else could possibly still be in her car.

"There's got to be residue. I mean I smoke cigarettes and there's residue," Sanders said. "There's got to be drug, like on my dash and my everything. And I mean I have dogs. They're even more sensitive to stuff like that. What if there's powder in the seats?"

Sanders said she did her best to wipe away any potential residue that could have been left over, but she is still not happy that law enforcement did not take care of all of this for her.

Myrtle Beach Police Lt. Joey Crosby said only evidence from a scene that is directly related to the crime is removed, and officers don't take items that could simply be personal belongings.

According to Sanders, she does not own any of the items that were in the SUV when she retrieved it.

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