Parking meter season returns Wednesday to Myrtle Beach

Parking meter season returns Wednesday to Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Parking meter season returns to the city of Myrtle Beach on Wednesday.

According to information on the city's Facebook page, additional pay stations are being added to the street ends in the section known as the Golden Mile.

"While no one likes parking meters, they do good things," the post stated. "They identify which spaces are public, they encourage turnover so that more people can park, and they help pay for projects in the boardwalk area, such as the streetscape improvements and additional parking areas."

The Myrtle Beach City Council also approved an annual non-resident parking placard that are available for $100, according to the post.

The placard allows for parking at any public metered space between 21st Avenue North and Sixth Avenue South, as well as in the street ends from 69th Avenue North to 77th Avenue North. Additionally, seven-day parking passes are also available for $30.

The paid parking season runs through Oct. 31.

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