Myrtle Beach business owner shines light on fake UPS invoices

Myrtle Beach business owner shines light on fake UPS invoices

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A local small business owner said he received an invoice of $73 from a fake company claiming to be UPS.

Ryan Small, who owns Gunny's Boot Camp in Myrtle Beach, said this is the second alleged fake invoice he's received. The first instance came six months ago.

Small did some online research and found statements from others claiming they received a fake invoice claim as well, with the same phone number listed.

A call was placed to that number, and the person on the other line claimed they actually did work for UPS and immediately offered to take the charge off of Small's account.

Still, Small is still not convinced that the company who sent him the invoice is the real UPS.

"They were very professional, very courteous," he said. "And while I was speaking to her, I actually thought I was speaking to an actual UPS representative until I researched them online and found out that they were fake."

Small added he knew he didn't owe UPS any money because he hadn't used the shipping service in some time.

WMBF News conducted its own research and discovered UPS has been dealing with fraud on a regular basis.

"Occasionally, fraudsters take advantage of UPS's reputation by using our name or services to target your personal and sensitive business information," according to information on the company's website. "By creating tempting downloads and attractive websites, fraudsters can lure you to links that prompt you to enter sensitive information or download malware -- malicious software such as viruses or spyware."

Small suspected something like this was happening to him.

"There's something wrong here, and it doesn't seem to me like UPS would do something like this," he said.

The UPS website also lists examples of fraudulent websites that have been reported to them.

Small ultimately posted his information to Facebook so others could be aware.

UPS asks that if anyone suspect fraudulent activity is being done in the company's name to report it.

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