Expert weighs in as Trump hits one month in office

Expert weighs in as Trump hits one month in office

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – It's been more than a month since President Donald Trump came into office, and a political expert said the system has experienced some huge changes it may not be ready to process.

"I think what we've seen is that this administration is incredibly impatient," said Holley Tankersley, with Coastal Carolina University. "The pace of change in presidential administrations is typically a lot slower. That doesn't mean, you know, that you can't speed things up a little bit, but there's really a reason it's more evenly paced and that is the American political system was not designed to process large changes quickly."

Tankersley recalled a move made by the Clinton administration in the 90s to try and reform healthcare, which produced less-than-stellar resulats.

"If we think back to 1992 when Bill Clinton and Al Gore took office, they had promised big changes to healthcare and indeed they put forward a pretty comprehensive healthcare system reform package that was a disaster, and it was a disaster because it tried to change too much too fast," she said.

She added there are two things that could change this administration's course.

"One of those is their continued frustration and opposition from the public as voiced through these town halls that are now being held by members of congress, both representatives and senators," Tankersley said. "We've seen a lot of opposition to Trump's policies, and the way he goes about things as well, come out of these town halls. Does that continue and is it pretty strong? If so, I think we could see them slow down in response to the public backlash."

The second involves Congress and its ability to work with the administration.

"If we start to see more members of Congress push back or voice their own concerns about the trump administration, because that would signal it's going to take a lot more work to get these things through the Congress," Tankersley said.

Tankersley added that it's important to think back to the Obama administration in 2010. She said current backlash is comparable to that out of those Democratic town halls, which were also about healthcare.

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