Conway High grad making it big in country music

Conway High grad making it big in country music

From WMBF News partner Written by Robert Anderson 

KasCie Page has a big voice and her dreams of making a name for herself in country music are just as big.

The 1998 Conway High School graduate made three trips to Nashville during the past year to do studio recordings and a music video, and will be heading to Tennessee again next week to record her version of "Always On My Mind."

The 36-year-old released her first single in September followed by a full 10-song CD in January, and has received rave reviews and acclaim for her work. The single, "Churches and Honky Tonks," ascended to the top of the IndieWorld charts for top independent country artists several weeks ago. In addition to being nominated for top new country artist, Page was named 2016 Entertainer of the Year by Florida Country Music Radio and has also been recognized locally with N.C. Independent Music Awards. Page currently lives in Red Springs, N.C., near Fort Bragg, where she serves as branch manager-president for BB&T.

Page said "Churches and Honky Tonks" was chosen as the single release over a song she wrote as a tribute to her father called "Soldier's Daughter." She believes "Churches and Honky Tonks" was chosen because it is a much more upbeat song.

"The whole concept is about a girl who grew up in church and fell in love with a boy who liked to party," she said. "It's a fun, cute song."

The video, which can be viewed at, was shot near Nashville, and features Page's father Austin and older brother Ashley.

Her brother is a bartender in one scene and the preacher in the segment that was shot in church. Her father is shown on the front row as a member of the congregation in the church scene.

The song can also be heard by going to YouTube and typing in her name. Page's songs as well as memorabilia including T-shirts are available for purchase on her website.

Page has been singing since she was 3-years-old, and her voice has its own unique character, as well as that natural Southern Country flavor.

"A lot of people have compared me to Dolly Parton, which is a huge compliment," she said. "I've been told I sound like a combination of Dolly Parton and Jennifer Nettles and some say I sound like a combination of Dolly Parton and Janis Joplin. I grew up with Dolly and I think she's wonderful."

Although she loves her work as a banker, Page wouldn't mind traveling and singing on a full-time basis. She also enjoys writing songs.

"My long-term goal is to do music full time," she said. "I do pretty well locally. I have some gigs guaranteed every month, but I'd like to branch out."

Page would especially enjoy performing more in South Carolina, and has several appearances slated locally over the next several months in connection with Biker Week festivities.

Page grew up near Bayboro and attended Conway area schools. After graduating from CHS, she studied at Horry Georgetown Technical College and earned a two-year degree before transferring to Coastal Carolina University.

After graduating from CCU in 2002, she took some time off to work before going back to school and earning a master's degree from Webster University.

It was after going to work with BB&T in Red Springs that Page met a man named Robbie Vanhoy, who had performed with The Henry Berry Band for more than 40 years. Vanhoy also owned a studio and invited Page to stop by for a visit. During the visit, Page sang the Sugarland song "Stay."

"As soon as I sang it, he said, 'Can you sing it again just like that because I'm going to record it?'"

The duo has sung together ever since as members of Black Velvet, traveling all across the Carolinas to perform at everything from clubs and outdoor rock shows to corporate dinners and events.

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