Grand Strand Tech Tour brings entrepreneurs to the beach

Grand Strand Tech Tour brings entrepreneurs to the beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - All this week, members of the Grand Strand Tech Tour are looking for ways to encourage more entrepreneurship along the Grand Strand.

On Tuesday, the Grand Strand Tech Council hosted a series of workshops aimed at fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship in the community.

"We really wanted to focus on showcasing our entrepreneurs and the efforts that they do to grow their business here on the Grand Strand," said Jason Greene, executive director of president for the Grand Strand Tech Council.

The workshops focus on building a business, getting funding for one, and other relevant topics.

"True entrepreneurship is about selling one thing, it can be an idea, a service or a product to one person you don't know, the minute you do that you've got a business," explained Paul Singh, an investor and entrepreneur, who is traveling the country

The days of sitting in Washington D.C. and San Francisco waiting for entrepreneurs to come to the Grand Strand are over because now lifestyle is part of the equation.

Singh said that puts the Grand Strand in a unique position to draw more entrepreneurs.

"The thing that the Grand Strand region has that no other place has in the interior of the country is lifestyle," he said.

During the tour, Singh plans to bring in investors and meet with local entrepreneurs in an effort to spur growth.

"Now, because of the internet, you can have a person team, making hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue, and they are spending it here," he said. "The old measuring stick of economic output was the number of employees you have or the amount of square footage your office is."

Those interested in registering for the Grand Strand Tech Tour can click here.

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