German grocery store Lidl submits plans to build store along U.S. 501

German grocery store Lidl submits plans to build store along U.S. 501

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Another new grocery store chain is making Horry County home and the company's plans show it going in near the same intersection as a similar supermarket currently being built on U.S. 501.

Horry County Planning and Zoning confirms the company, Lidl, submitted plans recently to put a 36,000-square-foot building along U.S. 501 next to Burning Ridge Road. This comes as construction crews build an Aldi on a corner diagonally across from where the other store would be built.

Lidl is a low-priced German grocery store that is expanding across the United States. The company plans to open 100 stores along the East Coast in a year.

In January, WMBF News found out a Lidl location is opening in Florence at the intersection of East Palmetto and Evans streets.

The store is similar to Aldi and offers store-label products for reduced prices.

Barbara Eisenhardt, who lives in Wild Wing Plantation, said she is concerned about the increased traffic from two competing grocery stores near the same intersection.

"I can't imagine having another grocery store right across the street at this bad intersection," Eisenhardt said. "That's truly a traffic hazard to start with."

Eisenhardt has helped lead a group of people living along Wild Wing Boulevard who oppose the location of the entrance and exit of Aldi, which will be located off the street.

"We have a lot of concerns not just about regular car traffic but what about all of the delivery trucks?" she said.

Eisenhardt has a petition with more than 400 signatures.

"We've thought about reaching out to people across the street and we will be doing that now to try to join forces," Eisenhardt said, referring to the Burning Ridge community.

WMBF' news partner, My Horry News, found out the proposed plans do line up with RIDE III's extension of Myrtle Ridge Drive as a reverse frontage road.

"That does make a little bit of difference, but I think the sheer volume of what's going to increase by virtue of just having another store across the street is going to make it 10 times more hazardous," Eisenhardt said.

She feels the area will have too many grocery stores as well.

"I think it's certainly great that they make different choices available to us, but I think between Food Lion and Kroger and Publix and Walmart and now two more stores in less than a three-mile radius is overkill," she said. That's way too many stores."

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