Loris community sets up meeting with officials over drainage problem

Loris community sets up meeting with officials over drainage problem

LORIS, SC (WMBF) - The people of Loris want to know what their elected officials plan to do about the town's drainage problems.

Community members held a meeting Friday and sat before a panel of city and state leaders to outline the problem and come up with solutions.

"Thirty years ago they drafted some type of petition. Nothing ever happened. It was never filed. They didn't get it legally taken care of and nothing happened," said Mayor Henry Nichols.

The panel included Nichols, representatives from the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control and Department of Transportation, and state Sen. Greg Hembree.

There are a lot of different resources we can tap into," Hembree said. "That's a place where, hopefully, I can help. If I understand the problem, I'm in a better position to make the case to those that are responsible for the funding, that that funding is really justified and necessary and appropriate to take care of these sorts of issues."

Hembree said Loris residents and officials will have to show they are working on the problem too.

Nichols said they have the money to get started and have been offered help from the county. The panel also welcomed newly elected Loris City Councilman Todd Harelson, who was assigned as chairman of the project.

Resident Janice Hinson, who organized the meeting, said she is happy with how the panel went.

"The county officials, the support is absolutely amazing, and we have great confidence that Mr. Harrelson is going to run with this," Hinson said.

The panel also went into great detail about easements for the people living next to the ditches, which would allow government workers and machinery onto people's property in order to clean them out.

Many at the meeting shared their frustrations with the panel, but Hinson said it's good to know they are moving in the right direction.

"This is the first time people have hope," Hinson said. "This meeting has given people hope, and that is what we really want and I really think things will happen. I really am confident things are happening."

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